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Water damage

Home Water Damage Clean Up in Alpha, OH

At Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Dayton, we can provide you with a water damage repair quote for your house. When you encounter leaking, dripping pipes, it is necessary to deal with the damage immediately, as procrastinating will only lead to additional problems and larger expenses. No matter if it’s a water stain on your ceiling or walls, a leaky faucet in the kitchen or bath, collapsing plumbing, or outdoor hosing, you can rest assured that the technicians at Paul Davis of Alpha will get the job professionally, on time, and within your budget.

When you begin work with a water restoration contractor from Paul Davis of Alpha, you can expect courteous service that remediates your water damage, and our technicians will work with you to remodel your house after it experiences water damage. With water damage, mold and rotting structures are a usual concern, and a water damage restoration company nearby like Paul Davis of Alpha will provide you with the affordable water damage cleanup you need in your office or home.

Water Damage Treatment & Sources

When a structure has been hit by water damage, we have powerful tools and scientific methods most effective for extracting moisture and dry the spot. Even if a floor appears dry, there could be moisture in the wall that can only be seen by infrared cameras and moisture meters.

Detecting this water requires technology like infrared cameras and moisture meters.} We have seen from experience that putting off work or hiring an unqualified technician can create more expenses later.

If water damage is ignored, it can cultivate mold growth. Discover more about our water damage and mold damage services here.